Where can STEM take you at RMIT?

As a leading university for research and develop in science, technology, engineering and maths. See where RMIT can take you to create solutions to STEM problems we are faced with each day.

What's next for science? It's up to you!

From atoms to organisms, science is the answer for those who never stop asking questions. Watch RMIT students Erim (Bachelor of Applied Science) (Physics) and Grace (Bachelor of Applied Science) (Surveying Technology / Surveying) as they hypothesise, experiment and discover what's next for science and go beyond the classroom to apply what they’ve learned to real-world problems.

Engineer what's next, from the tiniest detail to the big picture

At RMIT, engineering students build professional and technical skills in state-of-the-art facilities, through projects and placements with industry partners.

Meet Elisha, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering student and Chaz, Telecommunications Engineering student, and find out how engineers have the power to make a difference.

Turn technical discoveries into practical solutions with specialised knowledge, and discover why RMIT is among the world's top 100 universities for engineering studies.

Explore STEM specialisations at RMIT

Discover What’s Next in STEM at RMIT

Life Beyond the Lab

Three reasons to choose STEM at RMIT. Take a look at what happens after the lab.

Meet our Women in STEM

Role models allow you to see what’s possible for your future.

Scholarships and access

Over 18 types of scholarships for female student in STEM disciplines. Check out some of our recent recipients and future opportunities.

Research in the STEM College

From electric car racing to building robots in global competitions, STEM students at RMIT work on a range of industry-leading projects.

Learn to fly at RMIT

Our Point Cook and Bendigo sites provide easy access to airspace, terrain and urban development to maximise navigational experiences. When you learn at RMIT, the sky's the limit.

Find your pathway to study at RMIT

Pathways are a smart, time-saving alternative way to reach your degree.

RMIT ATAR Course Calculator - See Where Your ATAR Takes You

Use our ATAR course calculator to find the right degree for you at RMIT.

Discover What's Next: Flight Training & Aviation

Gain skills to achieve CASA certification for a Commercial Pilot's Licence and learn to fly in single- and multi-engine aircrafts through a Flight Training degree at RMIT.

Discover What's Next: Science

Delve into the world of science and explore a subject that spans data and technology, health and medicine, the environment and so much more.

Discover What's Next: Computer Science and IT

Take IT to the limit and gain an internationally recognised qualification. Make connections via networking opportunities and develop job-ready skills.