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Study at a multi-award winning, internationally recognised university. Take advantage of Deakin’s innovative, hands-on approach to learning. Be equipped with all the tools, practical skills and confidence you’ll ever need, to take the next step towards securing your dream job.

Why study at Deakin?

With Deakin, you get it all: innovative teaching, premium online learning resources, award-winning courses and world-class facilities. Our flexible study options, opportunities to study abroad and work placement programs mean you don't just study a course at Deakin – you get a great experience while getting ahead in your career.

Our campuses

Deakin has five campuses in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool, which feature world-class facilities and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Our Cloud Campus is an innovative online learning environment offering a premium study experience. Click here to find out more.

Study Areas

Architecture and construction management

Explore innovative ideas, design and technology in a cutting-edge and creative environment with our globally recognised architecture and construction management courses.


Explore our wide range of business courses, developed in consultation with industry. You’ll build an invaluable network through work-integrated learning and graduate with a set of versatile skills to give you the employment edge.


Design can drive business through innovation, as well as facilitate positive change in society. Learn the tools, strategies and design thinking methodologies needed to be an adaptable multidisciplinary designer.

Education and teaching

Growing and inspiring future generations. Our education courses prepare you to understand learners and equip you with the leadership skills you need to be a professional educator.


Design and innovation are at the heart of engineering at Deakin. Learn from courses that go beyond theory, state-of-the-art facilities and practical programs to help you create innovative engineering solutions to real-world problems.


Conserve wildlife and plants, study marine ecosystems or help with environmental education – and get hands-on experience from day one. You’ll gain the skills to impact key environmental developments and decisions, as well as invaluable real-world experience.

Food, nutrition and dietetics

With increasing community interest in food, nutrition and health, there’s a real demand for specialists across a range of industry sectors. At Deakin you’ll gain the sought-after knowledge and skills required to work in this rapidly growing industry.

Health sciences and allied health

Want a rewarding career that can make a genuine difference to people's quality of life? Our health sciences and allied health courses will open the door to a range of job opportunities across the hospital, private practice, corporate and government sectors.

Humanities, social sciences and languages

Preparing you to become an adaptable global citizen. From criminology and cultural heritage to international studies and philosophy, apply your natural curiosity and creative instincts to pursue a career in humanities, social sciences and languages.

Information technology

As a constantly evolving industry, IT offers an exciting future. You can study from a diverse range of fields to open up employment opportunities in just about any industry, and contribute to the way we work, socialise, communicate and entertain ourselves.


Get a first-class legal education from renowned academics educated at Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, and leading law schools in Australasia. Learn with others who share your passion for the legal profession and graduate ready to pursue an array of global careers.

Media, communication and creative arts

Pursue a career in media, communication and creative arts to discover your talent and explore your passion. You’ll gain invaluable contacts and insights through our expert teaching staff who continue to work in the industry.


Founded on exceptional purpose-built facilities and far-reaching industry links, a medical degree with Deakin can lead to a long and rewarding career. From clinical management through to optometry and surgery, the opportunities are limitless.

Nursing and midwifery

If you’re a good communicator, enjoy working in a team and want to make a genuine difference, a career in nursing and midwifery may be for you. Our courses are centred on evidence-based practice and reflect current industry trends.


Explore the human mind by studying a psychology course at Deakin, while building the skills and knowledge to provide meaningful help and support.


Science often plays a key role in finding solutions to world issues. This can range from the impact of climate change and reducing our carbon footprint to stem cell research and forensic crime solving. Find out where a career in science could lead you.


Always dreamed of a career in sport? By studying sport with us you'll truly be ready to hit the ground running, whichever career path you choose.